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    Jet Set Perforated Travel Tote Black official outlet online 3p54651b
    Jet Set Perforated Travel Tote Black official outlet online 3p54651b
    Jet Set Perforated Travel Tote Black official outlet online 3p54651b

Jet Set Perforated Travel Tote Black official outlet online 3p54651b

MICHAEL Michael Kors Small Jet Set Perforated Travel Tote Black

Items Description
* Black perforated saffiano leather.
* Golden hardware.
* Double buckled straps; 7" drop.
* Logo medallion hangs on front.
* Open...

all about the bags for Andi Rodriguez She also writes a weekly marketing column for the.

Rodriguez sits on numerous community boards and has chaired many galas and programs to raise funds to help those in need. By the way, she did this all while raising a son, which makes her a lifetime member of the super mom club! Did I mention she is incredibly thoughtful, creative and fun, too? When Rodriguez and I met up, she came through the door with her signature smile and incredibly colorful handbag. I am talking totally pop colors, all shiny and mylar, in a weave pattern. The material? Candy wrappers! Remember the woven chains we all use to make from gum wrappers? This bag is woven in the same exact way by weaving candy bar wrappers together to create this fabulous tote made in Mexico. Q: What made you buy kate spade outlet mall this bag? A: I never know when I am going to buy a bag. I don't go looking. It just happens. The bag finds me. If the price is right and it works for this or that purpose, then it's purchased. I just go with what makes me happy and comfortable. I found my candy bar wrapper tote at Tienda Guadalupe on Houston Street. I love its powerful color, and it goes with everything I wear. I appreciate the repurposing of the candy wrappers I like that a lot. It's hand made, artisan quality and very, very shiny. It fits my lap top, and that's important because my work is always kate spade super sale with me. It fits on my shoulder, which is important, and this bag definitely evokes conversation which is fun. A: My personal iPad, kept in a blue mylar cushioned envelope, my work iPad in a black leather envelope, pink earphones to help block noise and keep me focused, a little paper Hermes notebook that I purchased in France. I prefer to write notes to myself, both personal and professional thoughts. (Also in Rodriguez's bag is a black school notebook for her architectural group study class; an , which is filled with ideas that inspire this dynamo to find solutions for urban planning, which is her passion; a membership envelope, to remind her to pay her dues; a plaid notebook filled with volunteer projects; a paper calendar; sunglasses and an energy bar.) My BlackBerry also lives inside my bag. I am loyal to its keyboard, and write my weekly marketing column on those small keys. (She also keeps a smaller, fun white patent leather clutch inside the big tote. This pop art 1960s style bag features the word ART in oversized letters in shiny red and yellow balloon letters. Needless to say, this bag, designed by is also fun and evokes conversation.) Q: What's inside your ART clutch? A: kate spade work bag In this bag you find my pink wallet, breath mints, two lipsticks, planning commission pin, a little handwritten calendar and my keys. Q: What is your must have in your bag? A: Lipsticks. I carry Pop Art Pink by Kate Spade and Liberte by Chanel, a clear glossy salmon lipstick. I often blend the two together. After a long day, a splash of lipstick brightens my day. Q: How do you organize your bag? A: I look at what I have to do for the day. kate spade purses outlet store My calendar guides me. I am a multi tasker so I always take more than I need. It's always better to have more than less. Q: How does your bag define you? A: It must be colorful, shiny, conversational, unique, useful. I enjoy the artisan touch, and am very into hand made craftsmanship. I like to pack my bags full because my life is so full. Q: What is always missing in your bag? A: A pen, I start out with several but somehow end up with none.

Andi Rodriguez's bag tip: Find a bag that makes you happy because you are going to carry it a lot. Durability is also important. When you spend a lot of money on a bag you want it to be fun, work for your lifestyle and last (like a good friend).

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